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Kyle Spears

Why Coaching?

Life Coaching has continued to gain cultural acceptance as therapy has become more widely accepted. But what is it and how is it useful? Coaching is similar to therapy in that it assists a person in unlocking their strengths and increasing resilience. However, traditional therapy utilizes clinically researched interventions that require a formal diagnosis. The diagnosis is subsequently billed to insurance. Traditional therapy also focuses on reprocessing a person's past using clinically researched approaches. Traditional therapy is preferable in many cases. On the other hand, coaching certainly addresses the past but is specifically focused on empowering a person in the present and future using non-clinical methods that do not involve a formal diagnosis.

How do I approach Coaching?

I approach coaching in a similar fashion to how I approach therapy, but without many of the clinical measures used in traditional therapy. The primary approach I use is derived from Dr. Richard Schwartz called Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFS uses what are called "parts". These parts are experienced as internal voices or external roles we play in our day-to-day lives. Without question, parts work is the most effective mechanism for rapid change I have come across as a therapist or coach.

  • Learn to identify the inner voices that have developed extreme beliefs

  • Develop a healing relationship with your inner critic

  • Identify the loose ends keeping you from moving forward

  • Become a master at identifying specific negative distortions

  • Learn to invite God and others into your inner world

Life by the inch is a cinch, but life by the yard is hard.


Coaching is offered to individuals, couples, and ministry staff. 

Life coaching


Individual coaching allows a person space and grace to change. One-to-one is where trust is built and stories are fully expressed. Clients have an opportunity to get things off their chest or work on specific action steps. I always tell clients, "it is your time, we can use it according to what you need that day." Although I am flexible, coaching is also designed to keep each client accountable to their specific goals.

Newlywed Couple


Emotional Intelligence and Attachment are at the core of resilient relationships. In couples coaching, "we make the problem the problem rather than making the other person the problem." I utilize attachment style quizzes that allow a couple to understand not only the other person, but themselves. Relationships are a contact sport! Couples work involves homework and effort so be ready!


Ministry Rate

One of most challenging occupations is serving in the full-time ministry. In working with ministry staff over the years the need for healing is at an all-time high. Ministry staff not only have regular lives but are also managing the calling they've received. In effort to serve our ministry population I have allotted a small number of slots at a discount to accommodate the needs of ministry staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

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