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Life is Hard

...And it's worth it!

We start out life free of burdens but as we journey, we begin to carry burdens. Our lives are anything but simple especially in modern times. People are burdened today like they've never been before. 

There has to be a way to off-load the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical baggage right? Yes! However, we have to take the first step. Sometimes, the first step is the hardest. My approach involves helping people take the next step whether it's the first or the last. 

Resilience not only includes resistance but also vulnerability.

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Tov Culture

If you are passionate about transforming your community please consider joining our bi-weekly virtual Pivot Group Meeting. The path to transformation is grueling and lonely not to mention confusing. What does healing look like for a community? Whether it is a church or any group of committed people Pivot will be revolutionary. Dr. Scot McKnight who is a leading NT scholar has written a follow up to his groundbreaking book, "A Church Called Tov". In Pivot, he builds on the concepts of Tov allowing churches to begin taking specific action steps.

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